accidental domain squatting

The above was posted on Twitter today, and I could immediately relate to it...

However, it was only when I looked at the list of names I actually have, that I realised just how bad this actually is.

I have (at least) 70 domain names

Indeed, it's possible there are more than this, but with other registries that I've had for years and will no doubt forget about.

Derivatives of my name

My name (and my family name), and derivatives thereof, take up 11. Most of these divert here but ultimately I only use I keep the alternatives purely to stop them being used by someone else.

Things I host for others

I host three sites for other people, mainly small businesses / sole traders, these are all active though.

Additionally, I have most of the domains for The Stage Group and their various online properties, this totals 24 domain names, of which six are actively used.

So we're down to 35 names...

Old Projects

Some of the domains are for things that no longer exist, but I either obviously want to keep for some inexplicable (sentimental?) reason, or redirect to here.

Prior to the launch of the iPhone App Store, the only way of getting 'applications' on your iPhone was with specially designed webpages.

This domain was registered 23rd September 2007, less than three months after the launch of the iPhone, and hosted one of the most popular UK iPhone 'apps' at launch, "Traffic" which was a simple traffic information app.

Later this was to expand to various microsites for estate agents, and a few other businesses that had 'mobile-optimised' sites. None of these have a place after the launch of the App Store.

A bad pun on "I, Ross..." and the Apple iNomenclature, this was my personal site alongside from 2003 until I moved to

Originally my own SMS service, it no longer exists but for continuity of those that used it before, it technically still exists, and the subdomain is an example of the 'white label' rebrand of the excellent txtlocal service.

This was my design brand at one point, it now redirects to, I've considered reviving it for another purpose since. I've had it since February 2006 though, and like the name.

The original name for '', the first ever MMS service for iPhones (which were limited to O2 originally).

Tehcnically, I don't have this name any more, but it still shows up on my domain control panel because the transfer was never fully completed. I also had and but O2 legal took those too (this was sort of intentional)

And those that never happened...

This, (and a few derivatives thereof), was an attempt to offer a simple SIP provider to take over from one that disappeared... it never materialised, but there's an entire website, part of an admin portal and a few server images sitting around somewhere.

An "RBL" service for SIP, this never really got off the ground, the domain might end up going to someone else who will use it for something.

Anyone think of a way to mix twitter and telecoms? No, neither can I now, but at around 3am on 16th July 2009 I seemed to think it would come in handy.

My answer to things like, it had a few advantages over them too ... but was never built.

A fax thing, this should get built, it would be done in an evening, but for some reason I've never got around to it :(

Lighting software that never saw the light of day (bad pun intended)

One year further...

The original tweet by Caroline Vermeir (@hellosayscaro) suggested she was one year further on and she's not had a chance to use them.

Some of these are ten years old, one year from now I'd like to have used at least one of them!

For those of you keeping count, yes, this article doesn't explain all 70 domains, that's because even I can't!