So, the decision has been made and the British public has voted (somewhat underwhelmingly) to leave the EU by 48% Remain, to 52% leave.

What does that remind me of...

"In a 52-48 referendum this would be unfinished business by a long way"

  • Nigel Farage

Except, despite his worryingly accurate prediction of the divide, it went his way, so it isn't unfinished business... it's a "clear win"

Regional Divide

Split by region, the picture was less clear; in Scotland a large majority of 62% voted for Remain, in Northern Ireland 55% and in London 60%, with some London boroughs as high as 70%.

The parallel between Scotland and London is interesting, as during the Independence Referendum we were forever being told that London was something we were so far removed from, and that London was the cause of our problems... Something that I found pretty hard to listen to as I've long considered it a second home (not literally, I don't have that sort of budget)


I wouldn't be surprised if this fast-tracked us to another Scottish Independence Referendum, and being a devout "NO" voter last time around, I may reconsider my vote. The former "NO" campaign in Scotland was known as "Better Together" and I still truly believe we are, but that's together with England, Wales, Ireland and the wider EU community.

So, as the Pound tumbles in value (for what will likely be a short time, before recovering I'm sure) and we see millions wiped off the value of stocks and shares in the UK, I'm not that worried for the country's future. We've survived worse, but I do wonder if my place will always be here.

Since the age of about 14 I've always fancied living in Canada ;)