Marika Klambatsea 2005

This one is a bit of a 'blast from the past' but it caused so much amusement last time around... Twelve years later I still remember this, and my first ever mention in the press ;)

I’ve been looking through some of the reviews and found this on the Scotsman’s website…

"Our reviewer Claire Smith has been telling everyone she meets about her bizarre experience at C on Monday evening, when Marika Klambatsea, star of the bizarre Calamity Jane: Letters To Her Daughter refused point blank to leave the stage.

Eventually the technical staff said, ‘Would everybody please leave, there’s another show coming in’, and everyone ran for their lives, leaving her shouting, ‘Nobody tells me to stop my show!’ ” Calamity Jane features fake orgasms, close-ups of old ladies’ eyes and a song called My Darling Horse. At the point when the show was stopped, Klambatsea was reading out a muffin recipe.”

Claire has discovered a problem: “Everybody I’ve told about this is now desperate to see it.” Would you be surprised if we told you this happens to our reviewers quite a lot?” The one-line version of the review on the Scotsman’s official website was: “IT IS possible there is a worse show on the Fringe but it is hard to picture it.”

My moment of fame - I was the one of those technical staff - But seriously, she was overrunning 20 minutes having been warned about this several times and repeatedly telling us that “20 mins is nothing” and “you must respect the performer” and “I’ve been performing for 20 years….” etc… give it a break.

It’s people like that that give performers a bad name! She later sat in the foyer of the venue telling customers who had bought tickets for other shows how bad the venue were and how she’d been treated etc etc… quite amusing

She was also so proud of winning a Greek National award, she has now got another title (from the Scotsman) “Worst of The Festival 2005″

My lowly little blog at the time clearly irritated Marika's "Inventor", the full history of it can be found here; The idiocy of Marika Klambatsea (and her agents)

But I bet someone will find this in the future having google Marika Klambatsea, probably just after seeing her show and thinking WTF was that?! ;-)