Security Theatre, Brussels and Beyond.

Somewhat shocked by Brussels today... and, especially since I know people there just now, my thoughts are with all those caught up in it :(

Although, as I've intimated to a few close friends for many years but not been stupid enough to put on a public forum, I'm not at all surprised it's happened.

Airport security has, for a long time, been no more than 'security theatre' going through the motions to make people feel safe. It achieves nothing - the airport itself is as big a target (and much easier), the weakest point is surely that massive queue BEFORE security where there's a gathering of far more people than you'd ever get in an aircraft.

I do hope this doesn't lead to security at the ENTRANCE of airports, queuing outside to get in, in the same sort of knee-jerk reaction we saw when my local Airport, Glasgow, was attacked many years ago, and now you can't get your car anywhere near the terminal of any decent sized airport (except, oddly, London City!)

Air travel used to be fun, now you're treated like a suspect before you even get to the gate.

Ultimately the more ridiculous measures we put in place that erode people's liberties in the name of 'security', the more the terrorists win.

We shouldn't let them.