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Stopping Distances

Following the recent tragic death of Kim Briggs, killed by cyclist Charlie Alliston riding an illegal bike with no front brakes, there's been lot of debate over whether or not he could stop even if the bike was legal. These people often cite the Stopping Distances in the Highway Code which suggest at 20 mph a car should stop in around 6m from when the brakes are applied; This was last updated over thirty years ago, and vehicles have improved a bit since then, so I conducted a (fairly unscientific) experiment to satisfy my own curiosity. A modern car travelling around 20mph took around 2.8m to…

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Road Rants - Single Track Roads

Told you I could do a series of these... I now live in quite a rural area and we have a lot of roads that seem mildly unusual to some, and seem to strike the fear of god in others! Whilst they seem to have disappeared from most of the UK, there are still over 2,500 miles of them up here! Single Track Roads (with passing places) As the name suggests these are roads with one lane; not one lane in each direction - just one single lane, with the occasional passing place where the road is wide enough to allow to vehicles to pass. Driving these roads requires more concentration and awareness of what…

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Road Rants - Overtaking

I could probably put together an entire 'Road Rants' series, but this one is inspired by some comments I saw today on a facebook post about overtaking "Why should we have to brake in our cars with our children to let them in" Firstly, pet hate, people like to invoke the whole "think of the children" mentality, as if because your car has children in it someone is less likely to want to crash into it. I don't care whether the occupant is 7 or 70, I don't want to hit another vehicle with a person in it (or, for that matter, a pet... which I'd probably get along with more than…

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