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Reverse Lookup ("CNAM") in the UK

For many years the USA has had a 'CNAM' service (or Caller ID Name), allowing telecoms operators to show the name of the caller rather than a number. There are obvious advantages to this, having "BT" show when they phone rather than 0800 800 150 would be much more useful, but is also open to abuse. After all, would you trust a call appearing to be from your bank if the name appeared? The method of powering this is known as a Reverse Lookup. OpenCNAM Today I stumbled upon a service called OpenCNAM which claims to offer this across the globe and, surprisingly, matched my mobile number…

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Nuisance calls, no drama.

Have you received a call from a number starting 020 7946? I have, and it took me by surprise, because these numbers can never exist. A little background; I am, and have been for many years, very actively engaged in trying to prevent misuse of telephone networks. This is a very 'cat and mouse' game, and we have to keep up with the mice who keep trying to find new ways to get calls through, or appear more genuine than they actually are. Most recently, there has been a move from Withheld / Unknown calls to those presenting a number, presumably because of people (like me) who will ignore anonymous…

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Security Theatre, Brussels and Beyond.

Somewhat shocked by Brussels today... and, especially since I know people there just now, my thoughts are with all those caught up in it :( Although, as I've intimated to a few close friends for many years but not been stupid enough to put on a public forum, I'm not at all surprised it's happened. Airport security has, for a long time, been no more than 'security theatre' going through the motions to make people feel safe. It achieves nothing - the airport itself is as big a target (and much easier), the weakest point is surely that massive queue BEFORE security where there's a gathering of fa…

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Paxton Net2, meet Slack.

December 2017 : As of recent versions of net2, the way SMS messages are sent has been changed, which breaks this hack, an update will follow. The advice below may still help you with other hard-coded SMS solutions. This is my (somwhat hacky) attempt to make Paxton net2 talk to Slack, however the basic principles will work with a lot of hard-coded SMS solutions I like Slack, I use it for work and more personal use - even the team behind this blog engine Ghost have their own slack team for their community, sharing information and providing support in a unique - but very effective way. I also use…

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Social Engineering Amazon

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Most people will know I like Amazon (the collection of boxes it's affectionately nicknamed Amazon mountain) so I was shocked to discover how lax their security was, as a result of them trying to be helpful! It seems someone has found that Amazon can easily be tricked into letting others use your account I decided to try it myself, and discovered this works all too well... On the assumption (or off-chance) that Amazon Customer Services are presented with a list of addresses for identity verification purposes, I’ve added this one; If you use Amazon, keep an eye on your account…

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Nominet DRS

I recently had a case decided by Nominet DRS (thankfully in my favour, but that wasn't unexpected). Now that's finally over I can publish this ;) ... complete with my own inimitable, occasionally sarcastic, insightful(!) comments ;) The case was against the owner of the domain, where my company name was StageLamps Limited and trading with the domain This is the response (in full) that we got from the owner of with respect to an accusation of passing off as us and the ensuing Nominet Dispute Resolution process, my own comments are intersp…

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