I avoided sharing the insipid auto-created video, but Facebook decided to tell me today that I joined Facebook TEN years ago today... So instead, here's an almost equally insipid post, cross-posted from Facebook :D

It's an interesting landmark I suppose, so figured I'd post something so I can be reminded of it in another ten years assuming Facebook hasn't been replaced ;)

A lot has changed; three different jobs (all loosely in the same field), four addresses - finally culminating with a move to the Highlands, five cars, and a lot less hair ;) ...

And a lot hasn't; all of the people closest to me are still there (some perhaps live further away than is ideal now, but we still talk and see each other), and my profile picture, a random snap taken by Kit many moons ago that remains unchanged and is one of the few photos of me I ever liked.

Facebook is an amazing tool, yes it's easy to witter away hours on it and it's probably adversely affected a good number of people's productivity for years, but as people move far afield and you see them less often, Facebook is great for keeping in touch and feeling connected.

It's also brought people back into my life that I lost contact with years ago, as well as help make many more connections and expand my 'circle of friends' which include some people that are quite 'unlikely' perhaps, but I'm very glad I've met.

Looking back at the photos from 10 years ago on here is fun - my brother and sister have gone from being (annoying?) children that I wouldn't want linked to on Facebook to two close friends - one of which is on the other side of the Atlantic, training to be an airline pilot.

Interestingly, neither of them will remember the Internet before Facebook (or communication before the Internet)

It's also interesting timing, as I was having a chat with a friend last week (in person, not on Facebook!) about social media in general and that Facebook is a brilliant 'filter' on people's life. 99% of the time people post the good stuff, and I'm guilty of that too.

It's easy to assume reading Facebook that everyone's life is better than your own, but it's a fun exercise to go back and read your own posts... wouldn't you think the same?

Sure, there's some people out there that post everything (or photograph their lunch with abnormal regularity), however I'm pleased that none of them are on my newsfeed! - still, there's often a lot going on behind the surface of Facebook posts...

I have a lot less 'Facebook friends' than most people I know, but I've met all of them (with one or two exceptions) in person and any one of them would be welcome at my door or to call at any time.

Wonder what'll change in the next ten?