Hi, I'm Ross, I create, maintain and support things - mainly websites, applications, apis and innovative voice services and occasionally paint stages with light.

Mostly, I build and maintain VoIP solutions based around open source such as Asterisk and FreeSWITCH and have developed voice services for some of the UK's market leading ITSPs and business telecoms service providers, as well as those further afield.

Also an aspiring Theatre Lighting Designer and Technician with some experience developing innovative interactive architectual lighting projects and control - I was the first to document the Philips Hue API following my attempts to control hue by DMX.

Previously employed as a web developer, I've designed and built standards-based websites and applications for regional airlines, national broadcasters, universities, theatre companies as well as national and local businesses.

Originally a PHP Developer, I've since dabbled with node.js for a few projects where it's been ideally suited - such as my custom lighting control ("lumend") and raspberry pi digitial signage / public information displays. I'm also an big fan of Redis and thinking outside the SQL box.

A collection of musings, rants and perhaps occasionally useful snippets of information and code can be found on the blog.

Back in 2007, I launched Traffic, the first UK iPhone web-app and, in collaboration with the talented Ed Lea, launched the first ever native MMS app for iPhone in 2008.

By integrating text messaging and lighting I provided a unique lighting installation for a leading SMS provider in their new premises - an 18th century church.

I have also built a custom application to handle the voting, and generate professional visuals, for Eurobeat: Almost Eurovision SMS Text Voting in an unusual meshing of my IT and Theatre experience.

StageLamps is one of my own ventures, supplying lighting, lamps and other consumables to the entertainment and architectual lighting industries.

Have a look at my CV and Contact Me if there's anything I can do for you.

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