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SaaS... Access Control?

There's in increasing tend towards SaaS, and indeed at work we use it extensively with services like Zendesk, Xero, etc.. I've done a lot (including custom development, and quick hacks like access control notifications in slack) with Paxton's Net2 access control and was recently looking at other options for a new application. What I basically want is Paxton Net2, but with an API (ideally HTTP/JSON) to receive notifications of events and to be able to perform basic control operations This doesn't exist. Doorkeys in the Cloud More frustratingly several companies pushed me towards t…

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Paxton Net2, meet Slack.

This is my (somwhat hacky) attempt to make Paxton net2 talk to Slack, however the basic principles will work with a lot of hard-coded SMS solutions I like Slack, I use it for work and more personal use - even the team behind this blog engine Ghost have their own slack team for their community, sharing information and providing support in a unique - but very effective way. I also use the Paxton net2 system to control doors, and receive notifications by eMail when various things of interest happen. It would be so much easier to have these in a Slack channel, and would enable instant push notific…

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