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Eurobeat: Moldova!

I have provided voting for numerous (almost 20 now!) productions of Eurobeat: Almost Eurovision and am pleased to announce that one again I am providing the voting for the new professional production of Eurobeat (and the visuals are looking better than ever!) And the only thing better than a new Eurobeat with all new countries and professional production values is giving back a little elsewhere. Eurobeat: Moldova is using premium SMS messaging for the first time, and donating 100% of the funds raised to two charities - Waverley Care and Dickens Legacy For more information see…

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This is a demonstration of the Philips Hue lamp ( controlled by DMX from a Strand GSX lighting desk. The box doing the actual conversion is a Raspberry Pi which sits between the DMX from the Strand and the Philips Hue base station converting the DMX values into calls to the API used by Hue. At present there are two personalities; 3 Channel Mode (Hue, Saturation, Dimmer) for full colour control and 2 Channel Mode (Colour Temperature, Dimmer) for just the various shades of white (adjustable CT) The quality of output from these little lamps is fantastic - they don't use the standard p…

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