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When is withheld, not withheld?

I love Three's new WiFi Calling feature (well, it's an Apple feature, but Three finally decided to support it!) – ultimately it lets me use my phone (most of the time) at home for calls and SMS (think 2FA!) where there is no signal on Three. However, I recently discovered a big issue. With "Show My Caller ID" turned off calls I make are not withheld. That is the called party can see my, supposedly private, Caller ID. The Law Ofcom wrote to all UK CPs a number of years ago reminding them of their responsibilities, part of this eMail included; CPs must respect the privacy rights of con…

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SMS 2FA and the Modern Smartphone

SMS has been around for over 20 years now and yet this basic 160 character instant messaging service is still widely used for marketing, transactional messages and two-factor authentication ("2FA") This was just a random thought when trying to log into something for the third time today that requires an SMS OTP. When I'm staring at a form input box and my phone receives a message at that exact moment the chances are it's to fill that box in, it'd be nice if this was more streamlined! Imagine if, for example, an HTML form could listen for the message.. perhaps with something like the…

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