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SIP Rejection Testing

Every now and then I throw together quick little one-off scripts for testing things that might benefit a wider audience. Sometimes it's handy to test how particular devices or platforms handle specific rejection codes, so I threw together this little tool in node. Basically, it runs at the command line and listens on a non-standard port (8877) and replies to every SIP INVITE message it receives with the rejection code you enter on the command line. You can change the rejection code just by entering a new one at the prompt, thereafter any calls will be rejected with that new code. It's not perf…

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How not to do APIs

The company involved here will remain anonymous, as they offer a good (and relatively unique) service and I don't want to damage any relationship with them, nor discourage others from using them just for this reason! Additionally, their support has been excellent. I hope others find this though, and take it into account when considering their own API design and strategy decisions. As you may know I have some experience developing complex APIs for large service providers. The approach to this has changed over the years, but some of the basic principles remain the same. The Company The company…

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