This is a bespoke SMS text message voting system developed for Eurobeat: Almost Eurovision, available for other productions.

Eurobeat: Moldova!
I'm proud to have provided the SMS voting for the 2016 professional production Eurobeat: Moldova! starring Steps' Lee Latchford-Evans and the inimitable Rula Lenska.

They chose to use premium rate SMS, and the revenue from the voting raised money for Dickens' Legacy and Waverley Care.

Eurobeat: Almost Eurovision is an interactive musical theatre experience unlike any other that celebrates everything we love (to love) about Eurovision. Audience members participate in a real life vote by text message.

You can use the exact same system as the professional production of Eurobeat: Almost Eurovision for your amateur production's SMS text voting.

This service was designed for the original Eurobeat: Almost Eurovision (Sarajevo) and dedicated to this show format providing professional visuals for your performance and immediate feedback backstage of what points each international representative needs to award.

Real-Time Voting

Votes are counted in real-time, so you can give the cast a sneak peak backstage of who's winning if you want, and reports are produced of each night's voting ready to be given to the cast to read.

It's up to you whether you want to let your audience vote more than once, it's all a bit of fun, and our voting system has been used smoothly with up to 2,800 votes being received in a window only of only a few minutes (imagine counting those by hand!)

Call The Audience

We even provide a means of calling a random audience member (the script calls for this, honest!) without the cast or company knowing their phone number (your audience's mobile numbers remain private at all times)

Past Productions

Our SMS Voting solution has been well received by many amateur productions of Eurobeat: Almost Eurovision including; Studio32 Theatre, KBCS, The Apollo Players and Harlequin: Eastwood Theatre For Youth and was used by the 2016 professional revival - Eurobeat: Moldova.

Non-Eurobeat Shows

There are a couple of other shows that have a similar concept, including Song Contest and Making Your Mind Up. This system can, and has been, be used just as well for those as Eurobeat: Almost Eurovision and the participant countries can be changed on demand to suit your show.

What do I need?

This is a hosted service, it doesn't require any hardware to be installed at your venue. You retrieve the results using a web-connected device (this could be a laptop computer or even the ASM's smartphone).

If you want to use the pre-made slide visuals for your results then you will need a computer to project these. There used to be lots of approaches to this but since pretty much everyone uses QLab now this is what we've focussed on. If, for some reason, you're using something else - don't worry, all the images generated are standard PNG files.

There are several different ways slides can be generated, please note these are all static slides - if you want animation you'll need to do something yourself, but we've found that the basic slides (which are all transparent PNGs) can be overlayed on moving backgrounds effectively

The design of the slides is unique for each production and I'm happy to adapt it to suit your own visuals. Some commonly requested examples below;

Next Steps

Got a production of Eurobeat, Song Contest, or anything similar coming up? Then please get in touch regarding this service. Additionally, the team at The Stage Group have experience with this production, and have a full selection of visuals to accompany the perforamances in the original Eurobeat and can provide professional sound, lighting and video services to local productions.

Got another idea?

This is an example of the type of bespoke services I build, when nothing off the shelf is quite right for the purpose, if you need something like this for your own application, please get in touch.

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