Hi, I'm Ross, I create, maintain, and support apis and things (mainly voice-related), and occasionally paint stages with light, and other theatre techbodgery.

Outwith work, a private pilot and avid theatre lighting designer and technician with some experience developing innovative interactive architectual lighting projects and control - I was the first to document the Philips Hue API following my attempts to control hue by DMX.

Originally a PHP Developer, I've since dabbled with node.js for a few projects where it's been ideally suited - such as my custom lighting control ("lumend") and raspberry pi digital signage / public information displays.

Experienced with designing and developing realtime systems, I'm a massive fan of Redis and thinking outside the SQL box.

A collection of musings, rants, and perhaps occasionally useful snippets of information and code can be found on the blog.

Back in 2007, I launched Traffic, the first UK iPhone web-app and, in collaboration with the talented Ed Lea, launched the first ever native MMS app for iPhone in 2008.

I have also built a custom application to handle the voting, and generate professional visuals, for Eurobeat: Almost Eurovision SMS Text Voting in an unusual meshing of my IT and theatre experience. Another IT/Theatre mash-up comes in the form of lxkey|eos, a custom keyboard designed for ETC Nomad.

Contact Me if there's anything I can do for you.

(and if you're looking for a reasonably secure, memorable, password - try this)

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