Today's pet peeve... and I've seen it in many places;

"I need some DIY done..."

No you don't. You need some WORK done.

The whole point of DIY is you Do It Yourself, it's literally what the initialism represents.

Everyone's DIY skills are different; for example I can install a few new plug sockets and call it DIY, but if I tried to fit a new sink I'd flood the place.

I don't "need some DIY" when I have someone come fit that sink, I call a plumber, because I need some plumbing done.

Increasingly people talk about "needing DIY" which simply devalues the skills of the person they find themselves needing precisely *because* they can't do it themselves.

Language matters.

Calling it work makes it clear that you expect to pay someone a reasonable rate for the job that you cannot do, calling it DIY makes it sound trivial, almost as if they're just helping you out by popping by to fit shelves / install a dishwasher / change a light fitting.

Value people's skills, pay them what they're worth to exercise those skills.

It's tangental but I had a similar discussion with someone a while ago with respect to the recent almost hero-worship of certain professions; what makes a brain surgeon more 'important' than than a plumber? Without water and sanitation you certainly wouldn't live long enough to need the brain surgeon.

Why do so many look down on the "simple" things that they ultimately can't do themselves, hence needing some "DIY done"?