I've been meaning to document this somewhere for over a year but, as in most of my life, 'we get around to it eventually'

I got married! (a little over a year ago, as I said, it took a while to write this), in a theatre (this should come to no surprise to those who know us)

Everyone knows how much theatre means to us, but I was encouraged to share this short extract from my 'speech' to a wider audience.

Thank you for joining us on this wonderful stage for what has been called ‘our most important opening night’ - I will say that the last 10+ years with this wonderful person have been the best pre-show anyone could ask for, so here we are - on stage at last on what I’m sure you’ll agree has been a great day so far, even if it started as one of our most terrifying as neither of us like being the centre of attention, instead hiding and working away in the wings – Normally if you see either of us on stage, something went very wrong.

As [our Celebrant] said, today was not about Humanism, but I felt it fitting to touch on why this worked for us, and why we’re here today - on a stage - a rather unconventional place perhaps for a wedding, but for us there couldn’t be anywhere more appropriate.

Neither Morven nor I are religious. For centuries man has built grand structures for worship, but also these palaces and cathedrals of entertainment.

Where people come together to entertain, be entertained, and share some of our best moments and experiences. Where everyone is welcomed without judgement, and free to be whoever they want.

The theatre is where we found the fellowship, friendship, love, and support of so many, and in turn found so many of our closest friends.

The friends you’d do anything for, and would do anything for you, who will always support you and have come to mean so much to us both.

Friends who only a few short years ago our government was calling ‘non-essential’ and advising them to ‘retrain in cyber’ (that’s my day job, I don’t recommend it) and yet are some of the most talented, creative, passionate, and dedicated people I’ve ever met.

So there could be no more fitting place for us to be married.
Photography: Andi Watson