WeatherFlow Tempest Mount (but not that bit)

I have a WeatherFlow Tempest, it was a Christmas gift, and to be honest it's a pretty awesome little piece of hardware. I wanted to mount it on a pole, so I purchased this kit from their website.

A Universal Mount with the description "- Kit includes all required mounting hardware plus extra hardware in case it is needed"

There's a closeup image too, showing the pole mount, perfect, just what I need for mounting it to a pole. A little overpriced perhaps given the similar pole mounting kits on Amazon for £16 but i expected it to be a quality product, so fine.

Well, imagine my surprised when it arrived without these pole mounting clips, some mistake surely. No, apparantly not.

They also list it on Amazon, with this picture as the MAIN PICTURE

What follows in an exercise is How Not To Do Customer Service

I sent the an eMail to weatherflow asking them to send me the missing parts (as I assumed they were just missing, after all they are shown on the website and "all requiring mounting hardware plus extra hardware" is included)

This was their reply

We are working on updating the website as those hose clips are not included. They are a suggested custom option for mounting. Since we do not send them with the mounts, we do not have any that we can send you. I do apologize for the confusion.

My reply was this was a pretty poor show for a  “premium” product costing £40 when the competing cheap Amazon ones all include it. Also means further delay to installation and I need to spend more to go get one from Screwfix or something.
Also, from a customer service point of view, no offer of discount / compensation for the fact I’ll need to buy some elsewhere. A frustrating start to what looks like a good product.

Their reply?

Hi Ross,
I do apologize for all that. We will be here to help in the future if needed.

Kind Regards,
Alex Smith
WeatherFlow-Tempest Support

Now, thankfully in the UK we have consumer protection laws, so I asked to exercise my right to a price reduction per Section 24 of The Consumer Rights Act 2015 due to their non-compliance with Section 11 of the same (Goods to be as described)

They also added the following to their website "Note: Bracket mounting straps are not included." following my complaint, a tacit admission that their website is misleading.

Reply to that request;

I'm sorry you feel that way. You are welcome to return the Universal Mount for a full refund, we'll cover the shipping costs as well. Please let me know if you'd like to return the product. Thanks.

So nice of them to "cover shipping costs" (as they're legally obligated to do anyway)  but still missing the point that it's the consumer that gets to choose the remedy...


We just don't agree we are obligated or in the wrong. However, that doesn't matter. This does seem very important to you so we'll concede and award you a discount as requested. You should be getting a confirmation of the refund shortly. Thank you.

£2. I can't buy the missing parts for £2. Frankly insulting, and how much hassle did I go through to get this?

They may make good weather stations, but their customer service is appalling. I can only hope that the device proves reliable because I'd hate to have to deal with them again.

Bottom line, looking to mount your WeatherFlow Tempest? Just buy the £16 Amazon pole mount. You get what they show in the picture.