TL;DR - At the time of writing this there is no official profile for the WLED ESP-based LED controller, so I've put this one here so I can find it again (and for anyone else who needs one)

For those that don't know WLED, it's an incredible (open source!) piece of software designed to run on the ESP32 and ESP8266 for controlling pixel LEDs (e.g. WS2812, SK6812, APA102 etc) which supports a wide range of effects but, importantly for my application full sACN and Art-Net.

Whilst you can run it in simple RGB (or IRGB) mode and control it with standard profiles, this uses a lot of channels and in our local theatre we have an ETC Element which is limited to 1024 DMX channels.

There's a lot of built in effects, however, and these can be controlled via a reduced channel mode (15 channels) which is more than adequate for most of our uses, this is an ETC Eos profile for this mode.

It can be found here in a show file with nothing else (there's no way to export just a fixture) but you can import just the fixtures from this file.